Standard Academy (Yola, Nigeria)

EOTM Donates School Supplies to Standard Academy

EOTM Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Barkley with Standard Academy, President Nuruddeen Nyako

EOTM Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Barkley with Standard Academy, President Nuruddeen Nyako

Education is a critical component of development. UNESCO recommends 26% of a country’s annual budget be dedicated to education.Ghana spends 31 %, Cote d’Ivoire, 30%; Uganda 27%; Morocco 26. 1; Swaziland, 24.6; South Africa 25.8%; Kenya, 23%; Botswana, 19%Nigeria hugs the bottom spending only 8.4% of its GDP on education. One results of this in Nigeria is 10.5 million drops outs; the highest amount in the world. Here in Yola it is not uncommon to see kids in the street when they should be in school.
The security situation in the North has exacerbated the drop out problem in the north.
UNICEF, in its statement, said recent kidnappings and violent attacks had made it difficult for children in northern Nigeria to get education, as thousands of families are fleeing their homes and pulling their children out of school.

In the first three months of 2014, the United Nation’s organisation reported that at least 15,000 children in northern Nigeria had stopped attending classes.

According to UNICEF, almost one of three primary-school aged children and one in four secondary-school aged children is not enrolled.

Standard Academy is doing it’s part to address the problem. Since its opening in August 2013, Standard Academy has attracted primary-school aged children from more than 70 families. Its fees are very reasonable and several students are on scholarship.

Standard Academy teachers are dedicated, passionate and qualified. The curriculum is an unapologetic amalgamation of Western educational methodology, Islamic principles and Hausa-Fulani culture. Kids are learning their lessons in Arabic, English, and Hausa.
In January 2014, Economics On The Move (EOTM) donated pencils, books, flash cards to Standard Academy in Yola Nigeria

EOTM Sponsors Umar

Standard Academy President, Nuruddeen Nyako, Umar and Dr. Daniel Barkley

EOTM sponsors Umar’s education.

I first met Umar (age 6) wondering the dusty streets of Yola alone wearing short pants, no shirt or shoes. Today, Umar is attending Standard Academy primary school. This transformation was made possible with through EOTM sponsorship.

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