Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL2)

These are a collection of videos involving the Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL2) program at the University of Cincinnati.

Jabbama Tailors’ Adashe Raises 70,000.00 Naira ($450.00)

Economics On The Move and the Jabbama Tailoring Association are partners on an adashe (rotating savings and credit fund).

Rotating credit schemes are a popular way of micro-lending to satisfy both consumption and production needs.

Author Stuart Rutherford notes that this method of saving is a popular alternative to the risks of saving at home, where family and relatives may demand access to savings.

The Jabbama adashe 8 members raised 70,000.00 naira or roughly $450.00 in October.

October’s payout goes to Umar Bapetel a Yola-based Jabbama tailor featured in this video.

Standard Academy, Yola Nigeria

On Monday October 7th, I was the guest of honor at the dedication of Standard Academy, a pre-school my good friend Nuruddeen Nyako opened last month here in Yola.

Nuruddeen is also president of the Bicycle Riders Coop, which is partnering with EOTM on the unicycling initiatives in Yola.

Education is a critical component of development. UNESCO recommends 26% of a country’s annual budget be dedicated to education.

Ghana spends 31 %, Cote d’Ivoire, 30%; Uganda 27%; Morocco 26. 1; Swaziland, 24.6; South Africa 25.8%; Kenya, 23%; Botswana, 19%

Nigeria hugs the bottom spending only 8.4% of its GDP on education.

One results of this in Nigeria is 10.5 million drops outs; the highest amount in the world. Here in Yola it is not uncommon to see kids in the street when they should be in school.

Standard Academy (SA) is doing it’s part to address the problem. Since its opening in August SA has attracted kids from more than 40 families. SA fees are very reasonable and several students are on scholarship.

SA teachers are dedicated, passionate and qualified. The curriculum is an unapologetic amalgamation of Western educational methodology, Islamic principles and Hausa-Fulani culture. Kids are learning their lessons in Arabic, English, and Hausa.

I am proud to be associated with such an innovative and important project.

Daniel Barkley, Ph.D.

P.S. My apologies for the uninteresting guest of honor speech.

Unicycle Assembly

The Summer 2013, Economics On The Move partnered with the Evanston Recreational Center in Cincinnati, Ohio to offer daily unicycle training classes for youth ages 8-12.

Part 1
Part 1 is of Montez, Pianki and Imani assembling a unicycle at the Evanston Recreation Center in August 2013.

Part 2
Part 2 is of Montez, Pianki and Imani along with an young lady whose name escapes me assembling a unicycle at the Evanston Recreation Center in August 2013.

Part 3
Part 3 is of Montez, Pianki and Imani along with an young lady whose name escapes me assembling a unicycle at the Evanston Recreation Center in August 2013.

Putting a unicycle together is not as easy as it seems. Part III involved attaching the unicycle frame to the two wheel bearing. The kids accomplished this by attaching four steel brackets (a pair on each side) to two wheel bearings rings (one on each side). Each pair of steel brackets used four allen screws, four nuts, four washers.

Unicycling: Empowering Yola’s Youth


The Bicycle Riders Cooperative International Society (BRICS) has started an advertising venture featuring Yola’s unicycling kids.

Unicycling is new in Adamawa State and its eye-catching performances present an opportunity to advertise commercial products (e.g. printed on jerseys and helmets) through traditional media outlets and social media networks.

BRICS plans to sell ads to sponsoring commercial firms who wish to advertise their products in the following upcoming events: Children’s Day Parade (May 27, 2014) Independence Day Parade (Oct. 1, 2014). Sallah Day Parade (Oct 15-16, 2014)

These annual events are well attended, broadcast on the radio and TV stations and widely reported in Nigerian newspapers.

Unicycling ads at these events will attract the attention thousands of patrons who will indirectly advertise and market commercial products through user-generated content in social media devices such as Facebook, Twitter, Podcast, YouTube, social blogs, microblog, emails and text messages.

A brigade of 15 unicycles will also enable BRICS to raise money through routine advertising campaign such as company grand openings, promoting products in the main market and offering unicycle training classes to public.

All funds raised through advertising and training classes will go for paying our kids’ school fees and supporting BRICS entrepreneural initiatives.

Daniel Barkley, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Economics On The Move
P.O. Box 5925
Irvine, CA. 92617


The NDF-4 “REPLICA” Unicycle Has Arrived!

We Did It!

We built our fourth unicycle in Yola, Nigeria; The NDF-4 “REPLICA.”

REPLICA, a 26 inch unicycle, is scaled-up copy of a 24 inch U.S.-made unicycle and is currently undergoing performance and reliability testing. REPLICA in many ways rides better than the original; several people have already inquired about purchasing one.

The NDF (Nurudeen Dan Franco) unicycle series is an economic development project between Economics On The Move of Irvine, California USA and The Bicycle Riders Cooperative based in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

The purpose of our partnership is to empower members of the Yola-Jimeta community by involving them in various activities, projects and programs designed to promote their economic and social well-being through the use and production of unicycles, bicycles, tricycles and tandems as a sustainable means of transportation, employment and recreation.

Reading Lamps

Economics On The Move (EOTM) donated 100 reading lamps to an American University of Nigeria (AUN) community service program dedicated to teaching young and middle-aged women how to read and write English. Many of them do not have a constant supply of electricity at home so they cannot read at night. These lamps will enable them to read more at night.

Last summer, I brought the EOTM donation with me to Yola from Cincinnati, Ohio.

AUN student Yahaya Shehu is a volunteer with this project. Here is a video of Yahaya demonstrating how to use the lamps to one of the classes.

If you would like to donate to this project please contact:

The NDF-3 Unicycle: It Rides!

The NDF-3


Economics On The Move and the Bicycle Riders Cooperative of have built our first ride-worthy vehicle in Yola, Nigeria, the NDF-3. The construction of the NDF-3 was made possible in large part with ‘seed money’ from the sale of L.E.D. reading lamps.

The NDF-4, a reverse engineered unicycle is in the works and will all likelihood be our first model for sale.

Here is a short video clip of Franco riding the NDF-3 with Nurudeen and Abo looking on!

We Did It!