Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL²)

TL2 Logo-transToday’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL²) is a highly selective, three week summer program at the University of Cincinnati. TL² participants will learn to better understand Cincinnati neighborhoods and economy, why jobs are scarce in some communities and abundant in others, why some jobs pay more than others, and how individuals from all backgrounds can become entrepreneurs and successful business owners. TL² is not a residential program.

TL² begins June 8, 2015-June 26, 2015!

TL² allows students the opportunity to earn three semester hours of transferable credit at the end of the program. Time is spent on the main campus of the University of Cincinnati and tours at top nationally known businesses such as P&G, Ford, Citi bank, CVG airport and many more. Three weeks of college level class earns you three college credits. TL² is not a residential program.

What You Will Gain:

  • Knowledge about the local economy and businesses
  • Three semester hours of transferable credit for a freshman economics course
  • Understanding of what it takes to run a business
  • Opportunity to tour Cincinnati area industries and successful businesses
  • Instruction in personal finance knowing how to budget, earn, save, and responsibly spend your money
  • Time on a real urban college university campus
  • Networking with peers from all over the tri-state with different backgrounds.

How to Apply:

To be considered for TL², students must fill out the application form on The Economics Center for Economic Research’s website.
In addition, interested students should submit:

  • at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or academic advisor who can attest to the students academic qualifications.
  • one-page personal statement that outlines your leadership skills and defines your history of academic success.
  • Copy of your most recent high school transcript.

After submitting the application, please mail the release form (on The Economics Center for Economic Research’s website) from your parent to:

Economics Center
Attn: Adrijana Kowatsch
225 Calhoun Street Suite 370

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219-0228.

Current 10th-11th grade students are invited to apply.


PantekaYola Industrial District Documentary

The Panteka Market, a large fabrication center in Yola Nigeria is comprised of hundreds of individual craftsmen, artisans, welders, and blacksmiths who use discarded metal, rubber, and wood to produce a vast array products ranging from deep freezers to automobile spare parts. EOTM’s Panteka projects focus on finding ways to enhance efficiency and profitability of the Panteka firms by expanding their market and customer base though TV advertising, creating a Facebook page and street-level billboards. Our efforts to improve quality, organization and productivity include exposing administrative and manufacturing workers to U.S.-styled business operations though summer internships with an American firm.

The Panteka Industrial District is 12 min. video that documents some of the activities of the Panteka Market. This film was produced by Nuruddeen Nyako, EOTM’s 2014-15 Research Fellow and features EOTM Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Barkley. The Panteka Industrial District was broadcast December 18, 2014 on TV GoTel in Yola Nigeria.

EOTM Went To Uganda!

EOTM Treasurer, Darshan Rangnath, accompanied the International Children’s Network (ICN) to Uganda in September.

ICN is a nonprofit organization that sponsors the education of at-risk children in developing countries.  Darshan volunteered with sponsorship outreach and medical help for some of Africa’s neediest children.

Through ICN, EOTM is sponsoring the middle school education of Nsubuga Juma of Kampala, Uganda. EOTM is partnering with the Economics and Statistics Department at Kyambogo University on a microeconomics course featuring tours of firms, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations operating in Uganda.

EOTM Flips!

Economics On The Move is excited to announce that Flip Video’s charitable organization “Flip Video Spotlight” has become our newest partner.

Our videos will give you an inside look at EOTM’s projects, classes and tours through the eyes of our students and staff.

With the 120-minute Flip Ultra, EOTM will be sticking true to it’s philosophy of “Learning By Touring” as they Flip On The Move!

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting our work soon.