PantekaYola Industrial District Documentary

The Panteka Market, a large fabrication center in Yola Nigeria is comprised of hundreds of individual craftsmen, artisans, welders, and blacksmiths who use discarded metal, rubber, and wood to produce a vast array products ranging from deep freezers to automobile spare parts. EOTM’s Panteka projects focus on finding ways to enhance efficiency and profitability of the Panteka firms by expanding their market and customer base though TV advertising, creating a Facebook page and street-level billboards. Our efforts to improve quality, organization and productivity include exposing administrative and manufacturing workers to U.S.-styled business operations though summer internships with an American firm.

The Panteka Industrial District is 12 min. video that documents some of the activities of the Panteka Market. This film was produced by Nuruddeen Nyako, EOTM’s 2014-15 Research Fellow and features EOTM Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Barkley. The Panteka Industrial District was broadcast December 18, 2014 on TV GoTel in Yola Nigeria.

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