Economics On The Move in BOLIVIA!

nicolasDear All,
I am honored to announce that Economics On The Move (EOTM) research scholar, Nicholas Calderon’s project Capesinos Voice the Discourse of Fair Trade been accepted into the 2012-2013 cohort of the Haas Scholars at the University of California, Berkeley (see message below).

Nicolas is in his junior year at UC Berkeley’s Society and Environment program. His studies emphasize understanding how we can improve human relationships with natural resources and each other. Nicholas’ project Capesinos Voice the Discourse of Fair Trade will take place in the Altiplano region of Bolivia, where he will investigate the degree to which fair trade’s purported benefits are met. He will examine the extent of grower knowledge regarding fair trade entitlements, and their use of the Fair Trade social premium.

His methods will combine an examination of discourses about the benefits of “fair trade;” participant observation with photographic documentation; and interviews conducted with small-scale growers (those producing less than 2 hectares). The significance of this research will be to publish the quinoa growing process and what individual actors say about Fair Trade in a free iBook. EOTM Research Fellow Dr. Humberto Caspa has provided Nicholas with critical mentorship in preparing his successful Hass application (see message below). Dr. Caspa and EOTM will continue to support Nicholas’ research efforts in Bolivia. And with the support of private foundations, EOTM plans to increase the number of research scholarships we award.

Please join me in congratulating EOTM research scholar, Nicholas Calderon on this impressive accomplishment. We are grateful to have been able to contributed to his success.

Daniel Barkley, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Economics On The Move

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