Unicycling: Empowering Yola’s Youth


The Bicycle Riders Cooperative International Society (BRICS) has started an advertising venture featuring Yola’s unicycling kids.

Unicycling is new in Adamawa State and its eye-catching performances present an opportunity to advertise commercial products (e.g. printed on jerseys and helmets) through traditional media outlets and social media networks.

BRICS plans to sell ads to sponsoring commercial firms who wish to advertise their products in the following upcoming events: Children’s Day Parade (May 27, 2014) Independence Day Parade (Oct. 1, 2014). Sallah Day Parade (Oct 15-16, 2014)

These annual events are well attended, broadcast on the radio and TV stations and widely reported in Nigerian newspapers.

Unicycling ads at these events will attract the attention thousands of patrons who will indirectly advertise and market commercial products through user-generated content in social media devices such as Facebook, Twitter, Podcast, YouTube, social blogs, microblog, emails and text messages.

A brigade of 15 unicycles will also enable BRICS to raise money through routine advertising campaign such as company grand openings, promoting products in the main market and offering unicycle training classes to public.

All funds raised through advertising and training classes will go for paying our kids’ school fees and supporting BRICS entrepreneural initiatives.

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