The NDF-4 “REPLICA” Unicycle Has Arrived!

We Did It!

We built our fourth unicycle in Yola, Nigeria; The NDF-4 “REPLICA.”

REPLICA, a 26 inch unicycle, is scaled-up copy of a 24 inch U.S.-made unicycle and is currently undergoing performance and reliability testing. REPLICA in many ways rides better than the original; several people have already inquired about purchasing one.

The NDF (Nurudeen Dan Franco) unicycle series is an economic development project between Economics On The Move of Irvine, California USA and The Bicycle Riders Cooperative based in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

The purpose of our partnership is to empower members of the Yola-Jimeta community by involving them in various activities, projects and programs designed to promote their economic and social well-being through the use and production of unicycles, bicycles, tricycles and tandems as a sustainable means of transportation, employment and recreation.

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