Africa: Development Economics On The Move

Africa: Development Economics On The Move

Course Description

This course explores theoretical and practical aspects of economic development in Sub- Saharan Africa .  A wide variety of concepts and topics will be treated during the quarter, including poverty, growth and development, income inequality, models of development,  globalization, international financial institutions, immigration and foreign aid.

The course features a 30-day trip to three African countries: the Ivory Coast, Kenya, and South Africa where students will learn about development economics first-hand. These countries represent excellent opportunities for students to evaluate the applicability of prevailing theories of economic development, meet as well as and hear from leading African scholars, government policy-makers, NGO officials and the people themselves. The course also compares Africa’s experience with other economic development in other parts of the world.

By the end of the course, students should be familiar with the main theoretical perspectives on development and issues related to underdevelopment. Course will be held on the campuses of three leading African universities, where students will access to plethora of academic resources.  The on-site tours are organized to help students critique the applicability of existing theories to the African experience and to provide them with relevant examples that facilitate developing new models and deriving appropriate policy implications.

EOTM is looking for partnering universities who are interested in having their students experience this exciting course in 2016.

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